We specialise in growing unrooted cuttings of shrubs, perennials, climbing plants, indoor plants and small fruit.


In Uganda we cut the cuttings to the right size so they can be processed quickly. We grow over 300 species there. A selection of our assortment:

Abelia, Agastache, Aster, Buddleja, Caryopteris, Ceanothus, Corokia, Cotoneaster, Cuphea, Delosperma, Euonymus, Hedera, Hydrangea, Hypericum, Lavandula, Mentha, Nepeta, Osmanthus, Pachysandra, Passiflora, Perovskia, Photinia, Rosmarinus, Rubus, Salvia, Sambucus, Thunbergia, Viburnum and Vinca.

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D.J. Hendriksen & Zn BV
Burgemeester Smitweg 95
The Netherlands

Tel. 0031 6 44 488 696

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