This is the right place for unrooted cuttings.

Available weekly and ready to stick in plugs or pots.

The benefits of our cutting from Uganda:

  • Time saving

    The cutting is delivered to size.

  • Good planning

    Available 52 weeks per year.

  • Quality

    Due to the favourable climate, the cutting contains a lot of sugar. Therefore it roots quickly.

    The nursery is close to the airport.

    Within half an hour it is in our own cold store at the airport.

    We have a lot of knowledge and experience. Our family business exists since 1975.

  • Quantity

    Large quantities available.

  • Large selection

    Choice of over 350 species ranging from shrubs, perennials, climbers, indoor plants and small fruits.

    View our catalog here:

  • Employment in Uganda

    By cultivating in Uganda, we create a lot of employment. Over 500 families live off our nursery. Childcare and urgent health care is arranged. A professional team that enjoys their work provides the best cuttings every week.


View our catalogue or contact us for more information.


Contact us

D.J. Hendriksen & Zn BV
Burgemeester Smitweg 95
The Netherlands

Tel. 0031 6 44 488 696

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