About us

More than 45 years’ experience in growing unrooted cuttings!
We are a company which has been passed on from father to son. In 1975 D.J. (Dirk) Hendriksen started the company with only a bicycle and scissors. He asked growers what unrooted cuttings they needed and went looking for them. He soon noticed that there was enough demand. He bought a plot of land and started growing cuttings himself. That is how he started our nursery in the Netherlands.
As a child, his son Simon wanted nothing more than to join him in the nursery. Since 2006 he is the owner of D.J. Hendriksen & Zn. After a few years he took the step to also start growing cuttings in Uganda. The company gained momentum with this and has become a major supplier of cuttings delivered to size.
Much has changed in recent years. What has remained the same is our service-oriented and personal approach. With a small but great team, we make sure that our customers get beautiful cuttings.

Contact us

D.J. Hendriksen & Zn BV
Burgemeester Smitweg 95
The Netherlands

Tel. 0031 6 51 232 944

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